Your Questions on Vinyl Decking, Answered

Have questions about OnDek Vinyl Worx waterproof vinyl decking? We have answers!

What is OnDek Vinyl Worx?
OnDek Vinyl Worx is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) product, used outdoors where waterproofing is required (decks, patios, balconies, walkways and roof decks). It is manufactured in roll stock (72” x 300 feet) and has a non-woven polyester back layer to promote glue adhesion.
How is OnDek Vinyl Worx produced / manufactured?
OnDek Vinyl Worx is produced in “Master Rolls” of 300 feet. Along with these master rolls, Our advanced equipment allows us to cut your order to multiple sizes from these Master Rolls; this in turn, reduces the amount of time and waste you might see per project. We can also cut your vinyl membranes to long lengths to limit the number of seams.
How is OnDek Vinyl Worx installed?
OnDek Vinyl Worx is adhered to a plywood or concrete substrate using our specially formulated contact (solvent-based) adhesive. In some cases a latex adhesive may also be used. Our decking features Ultra Seam - if several vinyl runs are required, each run is overlapped by 3/4 inches to 1 inch (minimum), and a hot air gun is used to thermal bond the two vinyl sections together, creating one single continuous waterproofing membrane. Additional details will be provided by your trained vinyl installation professional.
What is Ultra Seam?
Ultra Seam provides the ultimate weld in situations where several vinyl runs are required. With Ultra Seam, one side of our product has no fleece or woven material attached to the membrane, allowing the installer to overlap each run by 3/4 inches to 1 inch (minimum) and weld PVC to PVC. This means no contaminated seams, ensuring true waterproofing. The architectural community has always preferred this type of installation on building envelopes.
Why is OnDek Vinyl Worx better than standard wood decks?
OnDek Vinyl Worx is superior to wood for many reasons:
  • Low maintenance - requires only semi-annual cleaning with a brush and lukewarm soapy water.
  • One step waterproof membrane protects the substructure lumber for long life as well as waterproofing any living space underneath the deck - product can be installed and used the same day.
  • Slip-resistant product whether wet or dry - meets American Disabilities Acts (ADA) requirements.
  • Attractive patterns that complement outdoor living spaces.
  • Eco-friendly - no trees are ever cut down to manufacture OnDek Vinyl Worx membranes.
How long will OnDek Vinyl Worx last?
You can expect OnDek Vinyl Worx to last many years. There are several factors that will affect the actual longevity of our membrane, such as UV exposure, care and maintenance, chemical usage, and heavy foot traffic. Please ensure you follow our Cleaning & Maintenance guide.
Does OnDek Vinyl Worx come with a warranty?
OnDek Vinyl Worx is pleased to offer our customers a 15 Year Waterproofing / 5 Year Appearance warranty. Our warranty truly provides home owners / builders with peace of mind, protecting your decking investment. See Warranty for complete details.
Is OnDek Vinyl Worx tested?
Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) approved membranes - complies to CAN/CGSB 37.54.
Will OnDek Vinyl Worx stand up to extreme heat or freezing temperatures?
OnDek Vinyl Worx vinyl products are tested at temperatures ranging from -40° to 80° Celsius (-40°F to 176°F) to ensure the product can be installed problem-free anywhere in North America.
How do I clean and maintain my OnDek waterproofing deck?
We recommend that you clean your deck surfaces four times a year using a mild soap and water. Please refer to our Care & Cleaning Guide for complete maintenance details.
Can I put de-icer on my OnDek Vinyl Worx surface?
We recommend against using any de-icing materials on OnDek Vinyl Worx products as some de-icers may cause premature fading or discolouring of the vinyl membrane. Please refer to our Care & Cleaning Guide for complete maintenance details.
How should snow be removed from my OnDek Vinyl Worx product?
Use a plastic shovel to remove snow from your vinyl deck. Ensure your shovel has no sharp edges prior to snow removal.